Monday, August 10, 2009

on the differences between california and texas lingo

BWP: So when are y'all coming?

Beardsy: (incredulous) DID YOU JUST SAY Y'ALL?!?

BWP: Yeah, so? Don't people in California say y'all?

Beardsy: NO!

BWP: Well then what the hell do you say when you're referring to a group of people?

Beardsy: "Hey jerks"


  1. this is a lie. people say y'all in california all the time. trust me central california has more in common with texas than los angeles.

  2. Central California is the lost city of Atlantis. Something to never be seen.

  3. i say y'all. but i usually follow it with fucktards, so i think that neutralizes the southern hospitality.

  4. My sister went to school in L.A. and lots of her classmates said "ya'll". What's probably more embarassing for California is that we are proud Texans but would NEVER say "ya'll" unless our lives depended on it.
    Sorry, but "ya'll" has taken over the country. They say it in the Northeast as well