Saturday, May 16, 2009

On Mental Health

Clover: If seratonin could talk to me it would say "I want no part of your life, bitch." or at least that's what I think it would say since i haven't seen it around these parts since 'Nam.

BWP:  Seratonin?  Happiness?  Not crying alone in bathroom stalls?  Im not familiar with these fairytales of which you speak.

Clover: Weeping over the steering wheel to a shitty Fray song?  This isn't everyone's afternoon ritual?

BWP: Fact: I have actually done that.  Fact: It was yesterday.  This message will self-destruct.  Just like me!

Clover: If we were rappers we could spit "Ima self-destruct like a message" and that would sound more bad ass/less cry for help-ish.

BWP: I say we do it.  It will be number one on itunes.


  1. Does it mean I'm gay if I've done that too? Not behind the wheel, just sort of sitting in front of my desk with my head in my hands.


  2. I cried once watching a Golden Girls episode. No really my mental health is pretty stable.

  3. the fray makes me cry because they kind of suck, but im sure i dont have happy emotions either.